About IAMA


Since its founding in 2011, the International Art Museum has been a place of peaceful reflection and international understanding. Evolving from its inception as a retrospective of the works of a renowned Chinese artist, the museum has grown to include art from Algeria, Belgium, England, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Scotland, and the United States. The works of traditional calligraphy, Western oil painting, modern inkbrush landscapes, sculptures and portraiture, all work together to showcase the diversity of our collection.

Our mission is to engage our local community with the greater world, to offer our space as a place of reflection and exchange, and to provide events and programs of interest to our audience. We offer several programs for both children and adults including regular musical performances, and hope to build our program capacity as the museum continues to grow.

The International Art Museum of America is proudly situated in San Francisco’s Central Market District. We are a public ­benefit, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.