Ruhi Lines workshop - IAMA sf

Ruhi Lines Workshop 

In this three hour workshop, participants will learn about spirituality and creativity with Arabic Calligraphy. Arabic calligraphy is seen as divine art and related to God’s word.  Ruhi means spiritual and artist Salma Arastu will use her experience of creating large canvases with flowing lyrical lines to teach this workshop and provide participants with a flavor of classical calligraphy.

In this class, you will practice Arabic Calligraphy with an angled brush and unleash your imagination on paper or canvas. In the first half, you will learn about traditional and contemporary methods of writing and spiritual connection with calligraphy while practicing different groups of letters on paper. The second half of class, you will learn Arabic words and paint them on a small canvas and take home your finished piece!

When: February 3rd FROM 12:00-3:00 PM

Where: 1023 Market St. San Francisco, CA

How Much: $60.00

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In our Art After Hours workshop, you will use various drawing mediums to create your own work of art while surrounded by inspiring artwork from artists from around the globe. Hosted by Beyond Canvas (BC) in our upstairs gallery, make your own work of art with the help of their talented instructors. 

There is no experience necessary in this all level workshop. In the Art After Hours series, you will get to keep your own drawing materials, which are catered to each class, or you can bring your own supplies. Participants must sign up 48 hours in advance of attending a workshop to ensure their spot is reserved and materials are accounted for.

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