Love you to the Lune and Back

Love you to the Lune and Back


Gurpran Rau | ephemeris  JULY 10-31, 2018 

On Level 1 at IAMA, the #tendergold Gallery presents a FREE EXHIBITION of the established international artist, Gurpran Rau. With a nomadic life and artistic career that spans India, France and the Bay Area, this NEA awarded artist's work deals with cosmology and the origin, structure and space-time relationships of the universe, where suns, moons, skies and stars all play a significant role.  


"My imagination visits myriad images of our world with unknown stars and unknown futures. These worlds speak to me through unfamiliar colors and forms guiding me to places I have never been. They are the result of my reflections upon our place in the world, the migrations of my mind, connecting my physical journeys with the vast and mysterious universe we share.

I work spontaneously, so the paintings take on a life of their own, drawing me into our collective cosmos. Cosmology deals with the origin, structure, and space-time relationships of the universe. In my personal cosmology, suns, moons, skies and stars play a significant role. I blend form and color uncovering and revealing histories that lie hidden in space. Gently putting down layers of paint, I watch, until something becomes apparent and perhaps a distant galaxy emerges…everything is unplanned, I leave it all to chance.

For me the circle has always been symbolic, hence spheres and orbs, complete or incomplete appear in most works. A circle has no beginning and no end, it is infinite. Planets revolve around our sun in a circular pattern, nature repeats itself in cycles, and if we travel far enough out in space, we arrive at the same point from which we started. The observer is invited to view these paintings as if on a passage into the unknown, not unlike my own voyages.

  - Gurpran Rau