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A Special Presentation: Life of A Refugee Artist


Life of A Refugee Artist

 A Special Presentation with of Shakiba from the Elliniko Camp in Greece. 


Join us for a special presentation on Sunday, April 29 from 1:00p-2:00p as Tendergold at IAMA presents LIFE OF A REFUGEE ARTIST, in conjunction with the art exhibition Revealed by Shakiba. 

From April 11 - May 3, 2018 our gallery space welcomes the work of 29 year old Shakiba, a self-taught artist, mother and refugee who fled Afghanistan areas controlled by the Taliban. 

A somewhat a-traditional family supports Shakiba as her husband actively encourages his wife's dream to live and work as an artist, despite the fact that this independence for women is frowned upon in their society. 

Shakiba was pregnant when she made the arduous journey, on foot and then by dinghy, through Iran, Turkey and then to Greece. They arrived on the island of Lesvos nearly two years ago and have lived in various refugee camps since their arrival, including
Moira camp, Elliniko camp, and Thiva camp. The family has now been granted a three-year subsidiary protection in Greece.

Shakiba's work conveys her experience as a refugee fleeing violence and danger in her country. Her medium is pencil, brush, and cuttle bone. IAMA is proud to support the journey and progression of Shakiba as an artist -- a dream she never imagined
would come to fruition.

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