Raw & Tender



In celebration of our Tendergold Gallery’s 1 year anniversary in February, IAMA will be bringing the spotlight back to our original inspiration, the Tenderloin. James Hutchison, an artist and resident of Tenderloin, will showcase a series of abstract paintings fueled with haunting imagery and passion. His work will be juxtaposed by sharp black and white photographs of the neighborhood and its people by Adriana Cuevas. Our exhibition, Raw and Tender, gives us a glimpse behind the curtains of a historical neighborhood  well-known for its underground art scene and nightlife.


Photography by Adriana cuevas

Adriana Cuevas is a Mexican photographer based in the San Francisco bay area.

“My passion goes to analog photography. I can spend hours in the darkroom creating images. There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of your vision coming to life on film.

I am interested in capturing people’s essence. A feeling, a gaze, an interesting face… And here I am ready to shoot!”


paintings by james hutchison

James Hutchison is a painter living in the Tenderloin.
His work is a haunting mix of bright colors and violent imagery. He is painting in the tradition of Basquiat.