Marketing assistant


Report to the Director of Museum Operations

Full-time, Exempt position with benefits

Five days, 40 hours per week

Salary: commensurate with experience


The Administrative Assistant, preferably bilingual in English and Chinese, is to provide administrative support to the Director of Museum Operations and Board of Directors of the International Art Museum of America. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for all activities of the Director’s office.



Primary responsibility for processing accounts receivable and payable, prepares checks using QuickBooks and assures timely payments of accounts payable; reports payroll; works with the Director to create financial reports using QuickBooks.


Assists the Director in monitoring the efficient management of the gift shop---keeping accurate records of purchases, inventory and sales through appropriate software; promoting the gift shop by securing more consignments; outreaching to travel agencies, tourist boards, journalists, and hotels; helping train associates on appropriate programs for the store and the museum.


With the security officers, has responsibility for opening and closing museum daily; reports situations to the Director.


Assists the Director with program development in organizing events, programs and be an important conduit of IAMA in its communication with outside entities, including government entities, business entities, other museums, travel agencies, schools, community organizations, local and national media.


Assists the Director with facility management; monitors fire and burglary systems, regular elevator maintenance, and janitorial services.


Solicits, interviews, hires, supervises, and assigns all interns and volunteers; maintains schedules, records, and provides reports to Director as needed; provides supervision of interns and volunteers; may supervise other support staff in the absence of the Director.




Oversight, development and monitoring of staff schedules/calendars; reviews and reports timesheets to payroll; tracks and reports sick and vacation time to payroll.


Maintains staff records, payroll and benefit information.


Works with bookkeeper and computer consultant on certain museum operations.


Helps organizing and maintaining the membership data base and training staff on using data base.


Keeps office supplies stocked and organized.


Covers front desk and store reception if needed.


Coordinates Treasure Room visits.


Assist the Director with gallery tours.




Maintains the Director’s calendar, setting appointments and briefing the Director each day on the schedule.


Under the direction of the Director, responds to incoming requests. In the Director’s absence, ensures that requests for action or information are relayed to the appropriate staff members.


Manages the Director’s mail by screening all incoming mail, determining how best to route certain questions and inquiries, and responding to selected inquiries.


Establishes, organizes and maintains efficient filing system for the Director’s office, including client management database and subject, index, and/or cross-reference hard files; supervises clerical volunteers to maintain filing and database.


Composes routine correspondence on own initiative or from brief notes or oral instructions, referring to other sources for detailed information.


Assembles materials or reports for distribution, preparing reports where the information may be gathered from several sources or may be difficult to organize or compile.


Proofreads typed work and checks records and reports for grammatical construction, completeness, clerical, arithmetical accuracy, and for compliance with established standards and special instruction.


Types drafts and finished documents from written and verbal instructions which may include letters, memorandum, notices, records, reports, and other materials.


Creates, manages, and edits all content in Director’s presentations.


Provides support to the Director in planning events and programs.


Acts as a liaison between Director’s office and other organizations, as assigned.


Other duties as assigned.