November 2018 - February 2019

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irina moldovan - Portal

This series of abstract works is painted with acrylic, metal leaf and genuine gold. The reflective quality of metal leaf adds a luminous dimension to the composition. The earliest use of gold can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilizations, and gold leaf is most commonly recognized as a major decorative element of illuminated manuscripts from the middle ages. The traditional choice of medium has been strikingly reinterpreted in this contemporary fine art context. The initial impact is of a graphic pattern of reflective material floating on a deep background, while viewing the work up close reveals a complexity of layers, as well as, the traces of the artist's mark-making and the nuanced texture of the gold leaf applied by hand. In essence, gold symbolizes the treasured nuance of time, that which can not be distorted, and is present at the center of every encounter and memory, tracing a contour of an experience.