Program Assistant

Report to the Director of Museum Operations

Full-time, Exempt position with benefits

Five days 40 hours per week

Salary: commensurate with experience



  • Assist the Director in managing programs of art and tours, including a museum audio tour.
  • Develop, organize, and maintain accurate membership and donation programs. Responsibilities include updating membership letters, thank-you letters, and creating an on-line sign up for members.
  • Work with the Store Associate in managing the gift shop.  Find and order merchandise; design museum-specific souvenirs; build relationship with vendors and consignment vendors; keeping track of its inventory and sales through appropriate software; organize back-stock; create and post signage; keep the shop and front entrance clean and tidy; greet guests and answer questions; promote the gift shop such as contacting travel agencies, tourist boards, journalists, and hotels.
  • Team up with the Store Associates to build the museum gift shop (and an on-line store), especially in designing museum souvenirs and securing consignment contracts.
  • Collaborate with the staff members, specifically the Marketing Assistant on ideas about promotion, especially on newsletters, brochures, social media, traditional advertisements, Wikipedia page, website and others.
  • Organize programs, events, and be an important conduit of IAMA in its communication with outside entities including government entities, business entities/vendors, other museums, schools, travel agencies, hotels, community organizations, and local/national media for promotion and collaboration.
  • Write program and event proposals for the Director and Board of Directors.
  • Look into grant opportunities appropriate for the museum and write grant application. If application is successful, a percentage of the grant is awarded to the writer.



  • Organize the Asian Heritage Month celebration activities, such as street booth and events.
  • Input email addresses into MailChimp and assist with the IAMA newsletter.
  • Proofread pamphlets, press releases, and promotional literature.
  • Work with Administrative Assistant on administrative projects. Be a back-up for the Administrative Assistant and learn administrative duties in running the museum.
  • Work with Program Interns.
  • Cover lunches and breaks.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.