Suzanne Moreno Berke


Suzanne will showcase her artwork at IAMA from the 16th - 31st of March of 2018.

My artistic passions extend to all areas of creative expression where brilliant color, texture, and image can contribute.  di dia Los Muertos,  (The Day of the Dead) and other cultural experiences has influenced my art and expression. I love to take a canvas and add texture, surprise, and life to it.

As a Political Artist, it’s critical that my art reflects my values. My passion is working with a world that is socially just that reflects our Democratic ideals. My goal is to project that ideal in my artwork while simultaneously evoking a call to act from the viewer.

Family is an essential element that grounds my art. My 101-year-old Grandmother inspired me to see life always as a glass half full with endless possibility. My family –two sons, daughter-in-law, a new granddaughter, and an extensive network of friends – forms a community of creativity that fuels my artistic process.

I studied art at Long Beach State University before moving to Northern California in 1983. I work out of my studio in Marin County where my husband Michael, is my number one supporter and art critic.  


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