Tendergold Gallery

Tendergold Gallery was first introduced to IAMA in early 2018. The name pays homage to our ever-so-funky neighboring Tenderloin District. While it can undeniably be seen as dark and gritty, it also hosts some of San Francisco's most exciting underground art scenes and nightlife. #tendergold celebrates this by bringing art to the light of day from emerging artists, both internationally and from the Bay Area .

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Anas Etan

The Hidden Face

Artist Reception: Friday, August 9th, 5 - 8 pm


Through time, humans have created systems, mastered them, and become controlled by them. Robots with machine learning/thinking begin to roam, protect, threaten, and lead us to an “easier” life.
On the other hand, monsters and aliens lurk, hiding inside our bodies and also try to take control. When life’s face-to-face activities change to the virtual, we can lose our sense of reality. Identity becomes unclear, so it's not easy to believe what is “real”. Luckily, we are still confident, open-minded, and optimistic by accepting new ideas and ways of life.
Through this dynamic, his works express and symbolize a new global, social, and cultural civilization that is mutating with the help of our new technologies.

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Vincent James,

Andri Yasinsky

Nature Landscapes

Artist Reception: Friday, September 13th, 5 - 8 pm

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EXHIBIT ON VIEW September 5 - September 29


Vincent James “Visual Song”

Vincent James is a lifelong musician and photographer who formally began focusing his creative eye on making photographic art with rural and urban nature in 2014. Based in Oakland, California, Vincent has extensive knowledge of not only the many locations for iconic landscape images throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, but also of weather patterns and the seasonal light at those sites. He has a technical comfort level that enables him to maximize his tools – his cameras and post-production software – in the service of his art. Vincent combines all of this with his artistic vision for capturing unique moments to create ethereal, moody, and often breathtaking images."Visual Song" is a small collection of hits captured from some of his favorite locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. 

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Andri YasinskyRemember the Wilderness”

Growing up in Ukraine, Andri Yasinsky was exposed to the yet untouched beauty of the Crimean and the Carpathian mountains, where he used to spend time on his own or with a group of like-minded friends, hiking and taking photos on his 35mm old Soviet film camera. It had a significant impact on his forming personality and eventually on his artistic pursuit as a landscape photographer. And so, expressing himself through the art of photography in the outdoors only feels right to Andri even until these days. One of the major themes across all of his work is a disappearing wilderness and our own perspective on it as if we were simply visitors here. We distanced ourselves from nature, we no longer notice it around us in our busy digital lives. We strive to explore other Earth-like planets, but what about our own planet? In his work, Andri is driven not just by the urge to create beautiful imagery, but also by a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory, decode what nature designed, conceptualize it in a two-dimensional space as a photograph and uncover the story behind it. The realistic representation of a subject is another important aspect of his photography. Andri doesn’t simply make photos in a way to make them appear real; he displays the real in a way that reveals itself in the photo.