Tendergold Gallery

Tendergold Gallery was first introduced to IAMA in early 2018. The name pays homage to our ever-so-funky neighboring Tenderloin District. While it can undeniably be seen as dark and gritty, it also hosts some of San Francisco's most exciting underground art scenes and nightlife. #tendergold celebrates this by bringing art to the light of day from emerging artists, both internationally and from the Bay Area .



Eunice Liu, Natalie Jauregui Ortiz

Delicate Dichotomy

Artist Reception: Friday, October 11th, 5 - 8 pm

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Wuchang 01.jpg

Eunice Liu marries traditional handmade mark-making with digital strategies to create drawings and animations that explore relationship between traditional content and digital artifice. Her recent drawing series Wuchang depicts Chinese iconic mythological gods 黑白無常, paying homage to the deities of justice and fortune in Chinese folk religion; rewards and punishes. Chinese contemporary culture inherits concepts of yin-yang and wen-wu (cultural attainment and martial valour) in consonance with Confucian moralization of good and evil. Her works reflect on the duality in indigenous Chinese traditions by analyzing its dichotomy of moral judgment and sensual-religious convention, which have persisted into the 21st century.


Natalie Jauregui Ortiz is a painter of modern life, based in New York and San Francisco. She creates paintings through layers of oil paint that create stories of the human condition. Her focus especially centers towards visualizing the female experience – of being in-between, beginning with her own process of individuation. bwtn sure, I don-t know, maybe is a story unfold to describe a place of ambiguity and uncertainty. It is a series of paintings that use motifs and figures to depict an intertwined togetherness that is held with delicacy and intent. It carries a landscape of ambivalence, from doubt to indecision, of one’s identity and reality.