Rebel Girls

MARCH 2019

Celebrating Women's History Month this March will be artists Tanya Herrera and Sherri Lu. Herrera is Pyrographer and heat artist who has been burning pyrography in the traditional method for 9 years, 6 years on leather, and 4 years on bone. Lu is a visual artist and printmaker whose artwork primarily consists of linocuts: carving linoleum blocks and turning them into prints.


Tanya Herrera

To Tanya Herrera, art is a natural part of life. The youngest of three, Tanya would inherit the art tools of her older sisters and brothers and would take to work on creating her visions. Her older brother inspired her to push past the bounds of societies norm and truly push herself to develop her interpretation of the world in visual form.

With a background as diverse as her skill set. Tanya utilizes her degree in Graphic Design and her fine tuned eye for detail to produce unique pieces for each client she comes across. 

Versed in a variety of self-taught techniques, Tanyas talents range from wood burning of cityscapes, vibrant wedding invitations, mixed media pieces that capture the imagination, to pop culture-esque package designs that appeal to the senses.

Now, she is back in action. Striving as a knowledgeable creative who is confident in her craft. Yet all creative people need muses and influences. Tanya is not one to stray from an opportunity to collaborate with other artists. With a professional attitude in mind, she is always ready to work in a team environment.

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Ling Sherri Lu is a visual artist and printmaker who currently resides in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Her artwork primarily consists of linocuts: caving linoleum blocks and turning them into prints.

Sherri was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a Bachelor's Degree in Film & TV Productions. She has previously edited the "Parts Unknown" CNN travel show starring the late Anthony Bourdain. After a series of life changing events, Sherri moved to the west coast and began living her dream as an artist in the fine arts. "And I gotta tell ya, the West coast really is the BEST coast!"