Sensaciones Del Caribe

May 2019

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Adrián Gómez Guzmán (1962)

A Costa Rican artist who lives and works in San José, Costa Rica, initiated his artistic endeavors at the age of 10 in the city where he was born, in the Cartago province, 22 km east of the capital city.

Being a self-taught artist since the beginning, he is his own harshest critic and remains receptive to all opportunities to learn. Figurative works of art of Adrián Gómez Guzmán from the very beginning included many themes among which were also traditional landscapes, still life and works painted in a traditional academic style.

However, it was not until 1980 that his individual exposition indirectly indicated his emerging interest in African descendant groups present in the Caribbean region of his native Costa Rica. The initial traces of gravitating towards this new theme were expressed in his paintings through presence of colorful details and representative characters. These elements initiated the henceforth present link to the topic of African descendancy and later prompted him to create his first series titled “Espacios de juego...” (“Playgrounds...”) with paintings that recreate the fellowship and joy characteristic of children’s playing especially on a swing or a hammock.

Later his quest to enrich his pictorial world resulted in creating two series “Mujeres del viento...” (“Women of the wind...”) and “Caribe Soy...” (“Caribe I am...”) which strengthened his imagery and ability to evoke feeling and understanding of what his “Caribe,” spaces of peace, harmony, color and play, all linked to the richness of the Caribbean color, means to him as an artist.


Abdelkabir El Mouhibb 

A Franco-Morrocan artist and sculptor of recycled metal. He was born in Essaouira, Morocco and has held exhibits in Morocco and France. His works, he describes, are inspired by "daily life, dreams, poetic moments and humor."