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July 24 - Oct. 31, 2018

  Free opening reception

Friday, September 14th

5pm- 8pm


The grand opening of our new exhibition hall on Level II, IAMA presents an exhibition of Bay-area based photographer,  Dan Lythcott-Haims. Taking influence from the world of abstract expressionist painting, Lythcott-Haims' work documents the patterns, textures, and forms of every day life.

Artist Statement

My intention as an artist is to elevate the ignored or broken bits of the human-made world that are often avoided or discarded. In my photographs, I whittle my subjects down to their core by composing in the camera, moving my body closer and closer until I lose the context of location, environment, and even the subject itself. In my sculpture, I assemble collections of human-made objects until the individuality of the item disappears in favor of a more organic whole. What I hope to gain in both cases is a record of that thing that caught my interest - that thing that other people don't see.


Women of Illustration

Aug. 25: 3pm-5pm / Aug. 26: 2PM -5PM


 The PowerPuff Girls

The PowerPuff Girls

 Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice


Tori Hunter is a digital painter born and raised in Oakland, California. When asked about her creative style, her response is usually “I’un even know,” bearing the Instagram handle, @iuneveno_art. Though Hunter cannot put a specific name to her style, it is likened to “black manga.” When describing her portfolio of works, Hunter says her recreations take “nostalgic or iconic characters from comics or twelve vision and make them Black.” Going beyond the normative perception of Black, Hunter says, “I try to bring all shades into my artwork, as well as skin conditions...such as #albinism and #vitiligo. That way every Black person can see themselves in my artwork and not feel shut out. Every person can be a superhero.”


Sandhya Prabhat is professionally a digital artist who is an animator and illustrator. Unlike her peers, Sandhya found ample familial support to pursue her passion. She found great advice and mentorship in the world of art, researched, took risks, and through some trial and error chalked out a nook for her in the competitive space of graphic art. She also has a widely popular illustration series done for the #36DaysofType 2018 project, celebrating classical Female Characters in Literature