Stretch and relax your tired muscles and mind after a long day at work!
IAMA holds weekly YOGA classes in our upstairs museum gallery every Thursday from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm.
With rotating yoga instructors, experience different styles of yoga with other members of the community surrounded by serene art! Don't forget your yoga mat.

You pay only $5 to support our yoga instructors.


Erika Luger, a yoga teacher from SF Bay Area, infuses her classes with compassion, exploration, and balance. Erika focuses on providing mindful and restorative vinyasa flow yoga classes for all levels. With over 20 years as a student of yoga, Erika sees yoga as a physical and spiritual practice and a journey to the here and now. On and off the mat, Erika explores intersections of yoga, nature, and art. 


Kirsten Eliason began her exploration of yoga in 2011. It is her goal, not only to provide a safe and effective form of fitness but to guide her students through the challenges of yoga. Her motto is "I am a student of my breath, I am a student of my body, I am a student of my student's bodies." Kirsten strives to offer her students the tools to unlock the mysteries of their own body and tap into their source of energy. Kirsten applies the most cutting edge scientific information to her practice and her teaching. Her classes are not fast-paced as she wants her students to be safe going in and out of poses and work the deeper layers of stabilizing muscle.